Al Pacino knows who could succeed him to play his character

The literary sequel to Heat might just get his cinematic interpretation, and Al Pacino knows exactly who should reprise his role.

If at first glance the monument of the urban thriller directed by Michael Mann in 1995 did not really require a sequel – Heat remaining an indisputable reference of the genre, and more broadly, a particularly successful cinematographic object – the filmmaker has nevertheless wish develop the universe in Heat 2…but in literary form. An unprecedented exercise for the director, who tackled it alongside the multi-award-winning novelist Meg Gardinier. The first teaser of Heat 2revealed earlier in January, sparked an initial wave of excitement.

Driven for several years already by a desire to explore the mythology of his characters in greater depth, Michael Mann has therefore decided to make the simultaneous account of the events which preceded the film in the late 80s, and those which will follow it. at the very beginning of the 2000s. Heat of paper will therefore mainly cover the Illinois youth of Al Pacino’s character, Vincent Hannafrom the failure of his first marriage to the trauma of his service in Vietman, before finally arriving at his assignment hunting Neil McCauley (played by Robert De Niro).

I’m Legend, but for real

Obviously, the project underlies the possibility of an adaptation, whether cinematographic or serial. A company that could also potentially see the light of day, Michael Mann having already communicated many times his desire to bring the story to the screen. And if the latter seems since sparing of details, it’s a safe bet that the release of the novel, scheduled for August 18, 2022an opportunity for new revelations from the filmmaker.

Moreover, the recent success of the belated sequel to Top Gun: Maverick, which occurred no less than 36 years after the release of the original footage signed by Tony Scott, could largely consolidate the start of the project. However, what about the cast of this new opus? Recently invited to participate in the Tribeca Festival (co-created by Robert de Niro in 2022), where the 1995 film was the subject of a dedicated spotlight, Al Pacino did not wait long before to indicate which actor should reprise their role.

Call Me by Your Name: photo, Timothée ChalametCall me by Al Pacino’s name

According to the actor, the choice is obvious: if this already highly anticipated prequel really saw the light of day, only Timothée Chalamet could succeed him. All the Oscars in the world will never equal this tremendous consecration.

Hollywood darling since the highly acclaimed Call Me by Your Name in 2017, the young actor has since had projects with the big names in cinema. After delivering a heartbreaking performance in the film adaptation of David Sheff’s memoir, My Beautiful Boyin 2018, gave life to Frank Herbert’s Paul Atreides under the skillful camera of Denis Villeneuve, having given the reply to Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in the big hit Netflix Don’t Look Upand starred in the last Wes Anderson, The French DispatchTimothée Chalamet quickly imposed himself on the cinematographic world with more intensity than an explosion in a Michael Bay film.

Dune: photography, Timothée ChalametDunes in Illinois

But aficionados of Guadagnino’s muse shouldn’t be too quick to rejoice: if Al Pacino himself gave his blessing, and that Michael Mann is obviously dreaming of carrying out the project, nothing is even less certain with regard to this new opus linked to Heat.

With the filmmaker currently busy directing Adam Driver in his Enzo Ferrari biopic, and Chalamet being engaged to Paul King on Wonka, the spectators will have to wait a little before discovering the youth of Vincent Hanna… except those who prefer to read, the book coming out on August 18, 2022 in its English version.

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