Addiction: when tarot cards, pendulums and other beliefs make you addicted

Whether it’s in the tea leaves or in your horoscope, you may realize that an unspeakable threat is waiting for you. It is neither an evil spirit nor some sort of spell. The danger could interfere in the practice itself, a half-open door on a path that would lead to dependence, even to control. Alarmist? Admittedly, we do not find logos warning of a risk on divinatory card games, as we would find on cigarette packets, but perhaps it is not so absurd to imagine that they would be there all their place. Constance, 23, admits it: she was “addicted” to cartomancy. During the confinements of 2020, she began to pull the cards almost every day. A ritual to which was added a massive consumption of videos on YouTube and predictions on Twitter. In her podcast “Let’s Talk Astro”, the young woman explains her addiction by a breakup. “Knowing what was going to happen from a romantic point of view had become almost obsessive. About five times a week, I asked if he was going to come back, which was waiting for me emotionally, ”she confides to us. These draws, which one might think harmless, had a real influence on his mood. “If I saw something I wanted to see, I would see adrenaline rush through my body, it was almost like I got a message from my ex. Conversely, when it was negative, I was sadder. “When she briefly got back into a relationship with this ex, before breaking up again, the click happened. “It had prevented me from properly mourning this relationship. Not to mention addiction, 27-year-old Camille admits to having overdone it too. “I used the pendulum almost every day. I asked him if I should do this or that, if it was better to go running tomorrow or now. It was an unhealthy reflex. Twice a month, every full moon and every new moon, she also drew the cards. Until, for no particular reason, she was seized with a “fed up”, pushing her to stop everything and become more “down to earth”.


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Dependence, often associated with the consumption of substances, can qualify various behaviors. For Stéphanie Ladel, addictologist, esoteric practices are no exception. “Addiction is a process based on first positive experiences in terms of intense and immediate pleasure or relief, which we will want to reproduce. This will dig a furrow that will make the brain take a habit, and that’s where the trap closes. We are going to return to this place which will bring us less and less pleasure, and we are exposing ourselves to difficulties, ”she explains. If she specifies that living according to beliefs is in no way an addiction, she observes the way in which the breach can open. “Faced with the relief provided by the answers provided, more anxious people will find such well-being that they will want to return. “When the chance of a draw or the algorithm of a horoscope application encourages you to quit your job or give up a friendly or romantic relationship, awareness is essential. The time and money spent are also indicators of dependency. “The problem is the indispensability of the thing. How to do without it when it has become a way of dealing with one’s problems? asks Stéphanie Ladel, who helps those who consult her to take a step back.

Especially since the magical world is not only populated by benevolent characters. Under cover of fantasized “powers”, clairvoyants, shamans or other guides can have a harmful influence. Sabrina, 35, says it without emphasis: she lost ten years of her life because of a woman who placed her under her control. At 19, while working as a hostess, a colleague encouraged her to consult her mother, allegedly a therapist. “She told me that I had a chaotic relationship with my parents and that she saw that I would go far in life. It was boat, but I wanted to believe it. It all happened in a fairly authoritarian environment, and she had a lot of charisma. “During multiple sessions charged one hundred euros each, the” therapist “explains to him that he has gifts. With sage that she burns around Sabrina, she claims to “purify her energies”, claims to know what her ancestors went through and recommends that she put moss in her home. The young woman refuses to decorate her apartment like a terrarium, but gives up resuming her studies and cuts ties with her parents. “This woman dictated all the decisions of my life. I was cut off from any landmarks and only hung out with people she knew. “Thanks to a man met in Biarritz, Sabrina manages to detach herself from her. Looking back, she realizes she was depressed. Now flourishing, she considered filing a complaint, but gave up for lack of evidence. Its history corresponds in all respects to a situation of influence such as Pascale Duval, spokesperson for Unadfi (National Union of Associations for the Defense of Families and Individual Victims of Sects) regularly encounters. “We qualify a situation as sectarian when adherence to one or more new age practices leads people to become radicalized to the point of breaking with what constituted their life before. The life project is replaced by a project imposed by the new age doctrine. » A person, a community or a way of thinking can be at the origin of a phenomenon of control. And faced with the resurgence of popularity of esoteric practices, Pascale Duval is worried. In a recent survey conducted with the Odoxa Institute, Unadfi observes that young people are particularly exposed, but that the generation of 40-50 year olds, less comfortable in searching for and sorting information, is also concerned. “This generation – especially in the higher socio-professional categories – has a very strong need for recognition. And some people are attracted to movements that make you the elite of society. “To help us observe a possible shift in a loved one, she gives us advice: “If you do not see any change in his life, no problem. On the other hand, if at some point, the person tells you that he acts in such a way on the advice of his shaman, for example, then ask yourself questions. When the person loses his free will, we must be very attentive. Aware of their influence, those who have made esotericism their business impose limits on themselves. Shana Lyès, astrologer and author of “Astrolove” (ed. HarperCollins), refuses that her clients consult her more than twice a year. During periods of uncertainty linked to confinements, she has, on several occasions, had to recall this rule. She was also confronted with people who burst into tears during a consultation. If she suspects depression, Shana has contacts of therapists available to her. Systematically, she also insists on the interpretive nature of her work. “I am very careful with the words I use so as not to imply that the birth chart is an almighty god. I always tell the person who comes to me that they are in charge. »


Lola, fortune-teller who runs the #SansTitre YouTube channel, is also well aware of possible abuses. On its website, it recalls its “rules of ethics and professional conduct”: during its guidance, questions relating to health, death, as well as intrusive subjects on a person without their consent will not be discussed. “Foresight is something other than science. We are not doctors ! “she insists, while the magic remedies have flourished in favor of the pandemic. Like Shana, she is sometimes contacted by people in pain. “Faced with clients in depression, I constantly repeat that it is necessary to be followed by a professional. I am neither a psychologist nor a psychiatrist. Cartomancy and clairvoyance can de-dramatize things and bring a new vision in times of crisis, but it is better if it is temporary. Holder of a master’s degree in law, Lola is attached to rationality. When she does guidance sessions with people she feels are adrift, to the point of being disconnected from reality, she draws from the esoteric vocabulary the words that could help them. “At times like these, my way of making them understand is to say: you clearly lack an anchor, work on your root chakra! Going to respectful professionals is one thing, but questioning your own beliefs remains fundamental. This is what Elisabeth Feytit does in the podcast “Méta de Choc”, which we can only recommend listening to. In the episodes “Foresight: between light and darkness” or “In pagan lands”, she goes back in detail to the journey of former followers of esoteric practices to understand how they locked themselves in a dogma… before freeing themselves from it. True clairvoyance.

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