Adamari López shines in an iridescent dress and is called “the most beautiful of mermaids”

Adamari Lopez she shines in an iridescent dress and they call her “the most beautiful of mermaids”, because after looking flawless in the broadcasts of “Today” and “This is how you dance”, This has been one of her favorite outfits after unveiling her new figure.

It seems like yesterday when the Puerto Rican actress stole our hearts with her work on the screen, soap operas like “Your son”, “Friends and rivals” and “Crazy Love”Were just some of his greatest hits, but what few imagined is that his strongest battles would take place off stage.

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Although Adamari López had already shown talent and great discipline, the arrival of breast cancer in her life, her wedding and subsequent divorce, also demonstrated her great mettle, her love for life and her immense self-love, thus motivating her followers to never give up.

Life rewarded her with the love of Toni Costa and a wonderful daughter, Happy, who has become the main engine of his life. Now, although he has confirmed his separation from Toni, Adamari Lopez He has reiterated that he continues to have a lot of love for her and that it will always be part of his life and that of his daughter.

Now, Adamari Lopez She shines as one of the best dressed at the Billboard Awards and she even has a new hairstyle.

Adamari López and how she stole the night at the Billboard Awards

It was a few minutes ago when Adamari Lopez appeared on the red carpet of the Billboard Awards And although she attended the event alone due to her recent singleness, her style stole glances.

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For this occasion Adamari Lopez opted for a dress long without magicians that although it was lilac, by its brightness it created a nice iridescent effect, it was combined with silver sandals and extra long hair, a quite noticeable change from the one shown in “Hoy día” and “Así se baila”.

Adamari López as one of the best dressed,

Alongside celebrities such as Jacky Bracamontes, Andrea Meza, Ninel Conde, Chiquis Rivera, Camila Cabello and more, Adamari López was crowned as one of the best dressed of the event.

Adamari Lopez has revealed more details of his separation with Toni Costa but insists that both he and she will continue to be very present in his daughter’s life and as involved as ever. Regardless of the fact that they are no longer a couple, the actress and presenter has shown much respect and affection to the father of her daughter, what her followers classify as maturity level “God”.

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