Actions that indicate that you suffer from toxic attachment and it is disguised as love

Suffering from toxic attachment in a Relationship It is one of the things that must be identified, otherwise they extremely damage the person who suffers from it, that is why on this occasion I will tell you about some actions that indicate that you suffer from it and it is disguised as love.

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Find happiness in the person who takes it away from you

If in your relationship it happens that your partner treats you badly or does certain things that hurt you, it is a sign, realize that you are looking for happiness in someone who does not deserve you and who takes it away from you with his nefarious actions, you should not allow any of that.

You wait for the day that changes but you don’t leave

Deep down you know that person is doing you wrong, but you love him so much and he is so low on your self-love that you decide to close your eyes and long for when it changes, living like this is not life, lose that hope and take charge of your love life, it is not there if time has passed and you are still waiting.

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You’re missing

You are in a relationship in which you no longer know who you are, since your partner has taken it upon himself to control you and make you lose that essence that characterizes you A worthwhile person doesn’t turn off your light, on the contrary, he supports you to increase that brightness.

you beg for attention

This person does not care to know the smallest detail, since he is the only protagonist of this relationship. In a relationship there is no protagonistThey are simply two people with enough responsibility and maturity to share life.

Does not give you your place in front of others

If when you go out together your partner ignores you and does not give you your place in front of others, believe me that it is not there. Someone who really loves you and is interested in being so, will show you off at any time, since I’m sure you’re a smart womanhard-working, independent and beautiful.

You give in even if you don’t want to

Sometimes you have given in to doing certain things to prevent him from getting upset or leaving you. At this point I think that the situation is already quite deteriorated, when it is well, you are not afraid to speak or say no, your partner must understand your decision.

After reading each of these actions, I assure you that at this moment you are reflecting if you live this daily in your relationship, if the question is positive, get out of there before it’s too late, a person like that doesn’t change and you deserve to have a man who values ​​you.

Actions that indicate that you suffer from toxic attachment and it is disguised as love. Photo: pexels

Don’t let the good guys regards prevent you from wanting to say goodbye, without pressure you will find that ideal person for you. I hope this note has given you the tools to motivate that.

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