Abuelita receives a cardboard Marco Antonio Solís and is moved by her reaction; Buki responds

Abuelita receives a cardboard Marco Antonio Solís and is moved by her reaction; Buki responds | Special: TikTok

A grandmother received a cardboard figure of “her boyfriend” Marco Antonio Solís at the entrance of her house in the middle of “Mother’s Day”his touching reaction spread on social networks and “El Buky” responded with a promise.

Last May 10, the grandchildren of the adorable granny decided to surprise her with a huge cardboard figure of Marco Antonio Solís to pamper her on “Mother’s Day” and shared a video of her reaction without imagining that it would move the entire country.

The video shows the moment when granny opens the door of her house and finds her “platonic love” in front of her eyes; In moments, a huge smile appears on her face and she begins to shout excitedly “cool, cool” while she blows kisses at the image.

The emotional video was published by a user identified as Jenifer Daniela through her official TikTok account and ends with a touching photograph of the grandmother with her Marco Antonio Solís accompanied by the phrase: “She is eternally in love”.

The video of the granny and her cardboard “boyfriend” spread immediately on social networks and accumulated hundreds of comments from users from different corners of the country who also admire the interpreter of “If you hadn’t gone”.

“I loved it, the best gift of all”, “Those grandchildren made their grandmother really happy”, “What a nice detail, she will never forget that moment”, “In moments they made her grandmother immensely happy”, they commented.

But the most surprising thing about this adorable story was that Marco Antonio Solís himself was so touched when he saw the grandmother’s reaction that He promised his grandchildren to organize a meeting to hug her personally.

“Next time they let me know and we organize ourselves to give him a hug live and in full color !!!! Congratulations and a hug with my best wishes.”

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