a sequel would be possible according to the creator of the series

Still enjoying some popularity despite being completed two years ago, the series vikings could come back.

Based on the true story of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok and his descendants, vikings has established itself throughout its six seasons as a legendary series, strong in its figures as epic as they are brutal. After 2020 and its conclusion, we almost turned the page of a beautiful television component, before its spin-off was produced almost immediately Vikings Valhalla which we expect season 2 after a lackluster season 1 on Netflix.

The creator of the original series, Michael Hirst – who did not pursue the adventure on the spin-off – remains quite nostalgic for his characters. The mood still being Norse Warriors these days (The Northman At the movie theater, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in the video game or Vinland Saga in the manga) and the passion still present among fans of vikings, he revealed himself thinking about his return.

I’m a legend

Indeed, during an interview with premiereMichael Hirst has even spoken of considering now to bring back some of his characters in a new project:

“I miss Ragnar and his sons. They’re like friends. I’ve lived with them for so long… Every morning when I walk into my office, it’s like I’m going to find out what’s going on. they were doing… So it’s possible that we’ll meet again soon… I say it like that… But it’s possible! I’m currently considering a project with some of the characters [de Vikings] who would be back…”

Vikings: photo, Travis Fimmel, Gustaf SkarsgårdBack because we’re coming back

Nothing officially announced yet, but a frank enthusiasm of Michael Hirst is clearly visible. Very moved by the recognition that fans still give him, he still sees the potential of the series:

“It’s pretty great that people are still so passionate about Vikings. When I came to Lille, for the Series Mania festival last March, I was followed in the streets by a crowd of people! This is the first time this has happened to me! I didn’t understand why: “I’m only the author of the series, you know…” But they answered me: “No, no, you’re Mr. Vikings!” It’s a thing still alive after all…”

Hirst thus opens wide the doors to continue the epic Vikings, perhaps alongside the spin-off or following it. It remains to be seen if we will not end up overdosing on Vikings by dint of seeing them invade our screens.

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