a muscular teaser for the series where Sylvester Stallone is the boss of the mafia

Freed from franchise ExpendablesSylvester Stallone joins the Italian mafia in Tulsa Kingwhose first teaser was unveiled by Paramount+.

We knew him as an inveterate big arm through the franchise Expendablesas a war veteran under the legendary banner of Ramboas an emeritus boxer in the guise of the famous Rockyor even as an assassin, spy, gangster sheriff and so many other hats, which will have made Sylvester Stallone theone of the most emblematic faces of the cinematographic landscape contemporary.

At the dawn of his 76th year, and with around sixty roles, the American actor has however so far kept away from television productions, except for a handful of cameos. An absence from the small screen now truly over, Sly having recently landed the lead role of Tulsa Kingdrama series for the Paramount+ platform.

Driven by Taylor Sheridan (to whom we owe the series Yellowstoneor the movie Comancheria), and Terence Winter (creator of Boardwalk Empire and screenwriter of wolf of wall street), the series had so far only been illustrated through a first glimpse as sober as it was engaging. A sibylline promotion since broken by the posting of a intriguing first teaser.

Tulsa King will therefore tell the story of Dwight Manfredi, known as “The General”, neither more nor less than the former godfather of the New York mafia. Now released from prison after serving a short 25-year sentence, and moreover forced into exile in Tulsa, Oklahoma (which may be considered an even crueler fate than imprisonment), the character played by Stallone obviously does not seem to have learned the lesson, and decides to build a new criminal empire there.

An ambition which, given these first images, will require Dwight a minimal aggressivenessoccurrence finally not very surprising for the interpreter of Demolition Man.

“I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse”

However, it could be that beyond the incessant demonstrations of violence typical of the genre, Tulsa King allows one of Hollywood’s most muscular actors to explore a character, if not more balanced, at least more strategist than the tempestuous hotheads usually associated with him. At least that is what the highly reminiscent introduction to The Freedmen by Martin Scorsese.

All in all promising beginnings which will therefore allow the general public to discover Stallone on the small screen from November 13 on the Paramount+ platform, and therefore probably on Canal+ in France.

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