7 things to do to seduce a Taurus

The least we can say is that celestial oxen are difficult to conquer. They are as convenient at first sight as they are impressionable. That is to say little. Patience, culinary talents and strength of character will be your best allies when flirting with a Taurus.

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1. Knowing Yourself About Cooking (Really)

Are you inviting your Taurus crush to your home for the first time and when peeking into your kitchen, she notices the notorious absence of spices and herbs? We are sorry, but it is eliminatory. An almost empty fridge will produce the same icy effect on this sign which, in addition to being a bon vivant, devotes a cult to culinary know-how. A fatal “I almost never cook, I prefer to order” will seal your fate. In short, if you have set your sights on a Taurus and your cooking skills barely rival those of your 13-year-old nephew, you have two options. Take a cooking class or start showing interest in Aquarius.

2. Compliment your decor

Taureaus pride themselves on having impeccable taste when it comes to decorating. To tell the truth, for a sign as homebody and attached to objects as this one, it is hardly surprising. For the earth sign, the living space is an extension of themselves that should reflect their personality, their values ​​and what they are looking for in life. Also, know that his apartment is designed to seduce you: warm colors, silky materials, subdued lighting, smell of flowers (or food), tailor-made playlist… Believe us, with the Taurus, everything is thought out for the pleasure of the senses. . In short, if you tell them “your apartment is magnificent”, they hear: “You are an incredible person, let’s get married twice. »

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3. Don’t rush her

You’ve matched and messaged for a month now. However, you still haven’t met the Taurus in question and you’re getting impatient. Friendly advice: time does not pass in the same way for Taurus as for the rest of the world. A sign of anchoring, prudence and patience, the cosmic bovine likes to take its time in all areas of existence. And this for two main reasons. Firstly, they hate having a rhythm that is not theirs imposed on them. Second, they want to enjoy the moment long before planning on what’s next. If the ox has several stomachs, it’s not for nothing: it takes a while to digest things. If you want things to happen quickly, bet on Aries instead.

4. Respect their space and tranquility

If Taurus is inherently grumpy, it’s because we rarely respect our limits. Which are very easily reachable, we grant you. The big-hoofed animal needs some time to emerge in the morning, so she doesn’t suffer the messages until 11 a.m., the time for her second breakfast. Similarly, if you send her a non-suggestive text message too late at night, she will reply the next day: sleep does not wait. Do you think she’d be this hot if she didn’t religiously sleep at least eight hours a night? Note that Sunday is a non-working day for Taurus, even for dates. And for good reason: it is overbooked. Breakfast, siesta, bath, body care, face and hair then another siesta. In short, to flirt around a brunch, think rather of Libra.

5. Take the lead

No, don’t rush her. Yes, give him space. But also remember that at the rate she’s going and with her aversion to any change, you’d better get things done yourself. If you tell yourself, like Jean-Jacques Goldman, that “one sign will suffice, one morning”, you have not finished waiting. Taurus hates two things: having to take the first step and the very idea of ​​a tiramisu without marsala. Not necessarily in that order.

6. Be generous

Their love language includes lots of little touches and lots of big gifts. But beware, the earth signs are not ungrateful magpies, waiting to be covered with gold. Taurus but also Virgo and Capricorn are simply more convinced by concrete proofs of affection than by pretty speeches. No need to offer him the crown and his jewels for as much: what the Taurus want is that you show them that you know them. A gift, for them, is above all the time we spent thinking about it, choosing it or even making it. Likewise, if you’re serving them dinner, go for the quantities. Nothing will scare her off faster than a thin plate. For nice talk and quick-to-eat tapas, pick up a Gemini instead.

7. Be reliable

One would think that it is a prerequisite for just about everyone except, of course, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius, who are driven away by this quality almost as quickly as romantic commitments. Taurus needs to know they can count on you. Also, do not play the card of the unreachable or overbooked person, you will only manage to scare them away. Similarly, arriving late when they’ve gone to such lengths to hurry (and they hate it) is also very unwelcome. Constancy of feelings and mood is also sought after by space cattle. If you’re looking for the passion of an emotional lift, you won’t find it here. Instead, take a look at the Scorpions.

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