50 decorative gift ideas for Christmas

Updated on November 24, 2022 at 2:32 p.m.

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Whether the gift is for you or to offer, do you dream of a 100% decorative Christmas? From small accessories, to linens and furniture, discover the decorative objects to put on your wishlist.

It’s not just the art of the table and the makeover of the tree to take into account at Christmas, there is also the art of pleasing by offering a perfect present. To achieve perfection, there’s nothing better than betting on the desired piece that you don’t necessarily afford. Is this a decorative gift? Follow our guide to get it right.

What are the trendiest 2021 Christmas decoration gift ideas at the moment?

To find the perfect Christmas gift, dare to think outside the box by searching among the new wave of design via the collections of Eben Home, Blish or Carnet Design. This year more than ever, small designers and craftsmen are on the rise, such as Océopin and Maison Roussot. You can also choose a classic if the budget allows it, no one will say no to an iconic lamp or a piece signed Maison Sarah Lavoine. Don’t neglect mainstream brands, you’ll find a Zara Home marble table, Hay golden trays or an Atmosphera rattan armchair to follow the trend.

Discover our selection of decorative gifts for Christmas

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