40 rare and amazing historical photos (part 5)

When photography makes its arrival, it’s a revolution. Human beings can now immortalize moments taken on the fly. Moments of daily life or historical moments, even daily moments that become historical moments. Facebook page History Season shares historical photographs crazier than each other. Here is a small anthology of 40 photographs that will leave you speechless.

1. A Ukrainian restaurant in the United States that celebrates the death of Joseph Stalin, 1953

2. Stoney First Nation member Samson Beaver with wife Leah and daughter Frances Louise, 1907

3. A 2000-year-old glass mosaic found in the city of Zeugma, Turkey

4. London’s first black policeman, PC Norwell Roberts near Charing Cross station, 1968

5. The Swedish warship Vasa

6. Models from “American Gothic” stand next to the painting (1942)

7. A Child’s Reaction to Meeting André the Giant (1970s)

8. A motorhome in 1922

9. The Great North Dakota Blizzard, 1966

10. Dorothy Counts in 1957

Dorothy Counts, the only black student, leaves Harding High School under boos and harassment from the other students, all white. Photo taken in 1957 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

11. An American serviceman shares his rations with two Japanese children in Okinawa, 1945

12. New York during the great blizzard of 1888

13. William Harley and Arthur Davidson, 1914

14. Manhattan from 1851 to today

15. Detroit, Michigan from 1882 to 2017

16. Man charging an electric Amc Gremlin. Seattle, USA, 1973

17. A snack on a Scandinavian Airlines flight, 1969

18. Sir Winston Churchill, 20, in 1895

19. Elvis Presley, 2, with his parents in 1937

20. Newcastle Castle, United Kingdom from 1895 to 2022

21. Castle in Trakai Island, Lithuania. Built in the 14th century and restored in the 1950s-1960s

22. Japanese mini-submarine captured in the Aleutian Islands, 1943 and 2021

23. A statue of Anubis in the tomb of Tutankhamun, taken during the Carter expedition (photo taken in 1922)

24. A Man Stands In The Panama Canal During Construction. 1912

25. The creation of the recycling logo by G. Anderson. 1970

26. A Woman Wiring an Early IBM Computer

Photo taken by Bérénice Abbott in 1948

27. Charlie Chaplin, 27 (1916)

28. Berlin from 1985 to 2018

29. Great Paris Flood of 1910

31. The train accident at Montparnasse station. France, 1895

32. Muhammad Ali on a walk in New York, 1963

33. Poznan, Poland from 1946 to 2021

34. Robert T. Lincoln, 78

36. Jimmy Carter when he worked as a nuclear engineer

37. Behind-the-scenes photo from the set of the first Godzilla movie (1954)

38. A man standing on the first cables during the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, 1935

39. Bristol, United Kingdom from 1900 to 2020

40. A Woman Driving New Tricycle

Photo taken by Chas W. Oldrieve in 1882

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