4 trends that enhance all silhouettes

Published on November 24, 2022 at 6:09 p.m.

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We’re not going to lie to each other, fashion is frankly not the most inclusive medium, to our great displeasure. But trends change and many of them suit everyone.

For decades, fashion only appealed to a small minority of wiry women who fit into the hard-made boxes. Today things are changing. Movements for greater diversity are afoot and inclusivity is a much-discussed topic around the catwalks. This is a good thing. But what about pure reality? That is to say at the level of the clothes that are offered to women from all walks of life. We told the story of Manon, a 27-year-old young woman, who can’t find trendy clothes for her size 48. If the brands don’t open up the size fields enough, you have to admit that some clothes don’t are built for diversity. So let’s take stock of these 4 trends that go with all silhouettes.

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biker leather

To play James Dean (or Eddy Mitchell, your choice), you don’t need to be dressed in leather from head to toe. We can, of course, but we will first and foremost choose a quality leather piece. Avoid faux leather which is not a better environmental option in all honesty. Why not buy a biker jacket from a thrift store? They offer a large choice of sizes!

Celine atm PO F22 014

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Long denim skirts

These are our obsessions of the season. Long denim skirts are about to dethrone their mini sisters. If you think they are not made for you because you are too small, we stop you right away: opt for a slit skirt. It will make your legs appear slightly and therefore will not swallow you up.

Vaquera F22 006

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Yes, one might think that transparency is only reserved for a small part of the population… But not at all. First, it’s time to accept our bodies as they are. Then, you are not asked to wear a total transparent look. But for example a chiffon shirt with a white tank top underneath? It’s trendy and it suits everyone.

16Arlington F22 031

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The royalty core

Are you a fan of “The Crown”? U.S. too. Do you like the look of Lady Diana? It’s an indicator of good taste! We’re going to choose a few pieces inspired by the princess of hearts’ dressing room that we’re going to incorporate into our more contemporary silhouettes. Pearl earrings, a checked suit jacket, delicate ballet flats… All you have to do is work on your bow.

S Rocha F22 001

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