39 miniature worlds created from everyday objects

Japanese artist Tatsuya Tanaka specialized in miniature creations and he created many very surprising dioramas. You have to have patience and a perfect mastery of your gestures to achieve this result. To recreate these various little worlds, he used cups, sugar cubes, screws, bolts, of the boxes of matches and many others. Her creations are stunning and you can see more directly on her instagram page as well as on his Youtube channel. In another style, this artist used LEGO to recreate other worlds.

1/ A wheat field

2/ Fishing on the pack ice

3/ By the ocean

4/ Look out the window

5/ a potter in full creation

6/ a Bobsleigh race

7/ a ski descent

8/ a level of Mario Bros.

9/ A cemetery and a burial

10/ Reading In the middle of work

11/ a pedestrian crossing

12/ a skate park

13/ a working bakery

14/ a very gourmet city

15/ a snowman

16/ vampires in remote controls

17/ Picking beehives from a tree

18/ Extreme dives

19/ a microflower

20/ a ski descent

21/ The abduction of a cow by a UFO

22/ Plantation harvests

23/ A nice hot bath

24/ An ultra-powerful shot

25/ Death among skulls

26/ A new monster

27/ A married couple by the sea

28/ A recipe for gourmets

29/ A sublime Indian palace

30/ traditional Japanese cooking

31/ a surfer

32/ meeting the Moai

33/ small ships

34/ a real office

35/ Church wedding

36/ a boat trip in front of a waterfall

37/ a staircase that serves as a ramp

38/ Climbing

39/ a knacki merry-go-round

And to continue this discovery, here is another selection of miniature worlds created from everyday objects.

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