36 Completely Failed Dishes That Make Our Stomachs Turn (Part 3)

You are a fan of kitchen and you’re greedy ? Here is a selection of dishes served which are so disgusting they will make you want to vomit! We are not all equal in the kitchen, some have real gifts and for others, it is rather the opposite, they had better not try anything. This instagram-page decided to list the most disgusting dishes and we are not just talking about visuals, the mixture of tastes can make you want to run away. We hope your stomach is well attached!

1/ Carbonara-style Italian sushi

2/ A small animal on the plate

3/ A strangely cooked chicken

4/ a very compact bread to choke on

5/ a pickle burger

6/ A chicken with pesto?!

7/ overcooked pork ribs

8/ a sonic cake, happy birthday!

9/ a vegetarian dish…

10/ a dripping burger

11/ a tortilla hot dog with caesar salad

12/ surprise, a chocolate with Brussels sprouts

13/ water pancakes

14/ leftover pizza as an appetizer

15/ a cookie and bacon burger

16/ candies that have merged

17/ a cake with sandwich bread and cheese cream

18/ a great mushroom smoothie

19/ unsavory pasta

20/ a liquid pizza

21/ overcooked dumplings

22/ a shot of captain morgan in a can of meat

23/ rice and macaroni sushi

24/ a pizza that looks like a brain

25/ it lacks a little cooking

26/ what is this mountain?

27/ discovering lunch

28/ good lentils from the canteen

29/ hard-boiled egg avocado toast

30/ a pizza with peas and mayonnaise

31/ breakfast sausages in cereals

32/ a macedonia tacos

33/ a slice of bread with mashed potatoes

34/ mac’N cheese ham

35/ a pancake burger

36/ lack of cooking

And if that’s not enough for you, here is another selection of disgusting dishes.

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