23% of Mexicans prefer norteño music, only 1% prefer metal

A couple of days ago we told you that firm group, one of the most important regional Mexican ensembles of the moment; He received a tremendous whistle on the field of the Aztec stadium when they went out to give a halftime show during the most recent game of the nfl in Mexico.

Through social networks, the event gave a lot to talk about, with some users arguing that the majority of Mexicans (or at least the Mexicans who went to the game) do not like it. “That kind of music” what was heard in the Colossus of Santa Ursula.

But guess what? the above could not be further from the truth Well, according to a survey conducted by the INEGI (You can check the official data here), the vast majority of Mexicans (21.9%) consume band, norteño, grupero, sierreño either duranguensepositioning itself as the favorite genre in the country.

Something that stands out greatly in the previous infographic (via N+) is that reggaeton, one of the most popular Latin genres of the moment and whose main exponent, Bad Bunny, receives almost 4.5 million plays on Spotify per month only in Mexico; has not made the cut in the Top 5 of the most listened to genres in Mexico.

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