10 designers design the house of tomorrow

“In this increasingly anxiety-provoking world, the home of tomorrow is above all a comforting place. An adjective that we do not necessarily associate with modernity, explains Karl Fournier (on the left). Moreover, speaking of the habitat of the future, I am fascinated because, each time the designers wanted to invent it, they were wrong. In Kubrick’s anticipation film A Clockwork Orange, supposed to project us to the turn of the 2000s, the spaces were white and plastic. A cold atmosphere while we are looking for warmth, tenderness. No one foresaw how badly we would need a safe house. On this subject, I reread “The Poetics of Space” by the philosopher Gaston Bachelard where he explains that after leaving his mother’s womb, the original refuge, the human being finds another in the habitat . Today, our customers ask us for a house that includes the possibility of being retained there. They therefore want individual retreat areas where everyone can indulge in what they are passionate about… A “study room” in the bedroom or adjoining it. Alongside these fragmented intimate spheres, our customers also want to have a common living space. The living room, long thought of as a reception area, becomes a place where the whole family gets together, to read, watch a film, take part in a board game… In this design, the kitchen plays an essential role. Before confinement, it was a room that we discussed less with our customers, because they spent little time there. Today, they ask for “kitchen-living rooms” with a dining area often designed around a corner bench, a bit like the German “stübli” [« cafés brasseries », en vf]. In our house in Corsica, the kitchen took place in a huge vaulted room with an island in the center, where we can sit down. This confirms the importance given to this space. »
Their news: they sign a collection of marble decorations for Bisazza, create the Shabi Shabi restaurant in Marrakech, and work on a hotel in Portugal.
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