Enrique Peñalosa was admitted to the hospital urgently due to complications from COVID-19

The last coalition meeting ´Team for Colombia´ had an important absence, it is about Enrique Peñalosa, former mayor of Bogotá who dreams of a possibility as a presidential candidate, it is said that this can be given through an endorsement in the U party after he failed to gather the amount of Signatures required before the Registrar’s Office.

The absence of Enrique Peñalosa is due to the fact that the former president of the capital of the Republic He was infected with COVID-19 and due to respiratory complications he has had to be confined in a hospital center, this was announced by Noticias Caracol.

The former mayor went to the Simón Bolívar hospital in the north of Bogotá, but after a medical evaluation it was decided that he should be confined, for the moment he is stable and under observation.

Peñalosa’s state of health does not have gravity and it is possible that you can be discharged promptly, but it is better to rule out any serious condition and that is why doctors perform careful observation.

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Enrique Peñalosa tested positive for COVID-19 and was confined to a hospital in Bogotá. Photo: Twitter @NoticiasCaracol

Different political personalities like Óscar Iván Zuluaga, Humberto de la Calle, Federico Gutiérrez, Alejandro Char and María Fernanda Cabal, among others, have joined the voices that hope a speedy recovery for the two-time mayor of the city of Bogotá.

I would have loved to be with my teammates for Colombia at the event with Aydée Lizarazo, MIRA’s presidential candidate and with Senator Carlos Guevara. Together we will work for Colombia. Due to having COVID I could not attend”Said Enrique Peñalosa through his twitter account.

After the candidate did not gather the signatures for the Registrar to give him the endorsement, now must obtain the backing of a political party to continue being part of the ´Equipo por Colombia´ coalition as a pre-candidate of the same and participate in the consultation that will define the presidential candidate for the March elections.

Enrique Peñalosa has been part of various debates and in them he has shown himself as a knowledgeable about development policies and insists that the country needs investment in infrastructure, a work that he developed when he was in charge of the government of the capital of the Republic.

The center-right coalition ´Equipo por Colombia´ brings together political figures such as the former mayor of Medellín, Federico Gutierrez, the one from Barranquilla, Alexander Char, the former governor of the department of Valle del Cauca, Dilian Francisca Toro and Senator David Barguil.

In recent days, the former mayor Peñalosa has been critical of the current mayor of Bogotá, Claudia lopez and in the debates with other presidential hopefuls he has thrown strong darts against Gustavo Petro, also a former mayor of Bogotá.

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