Enrique Peñalosa receives voices of encouragement from all political sectors – Political Parties – Politics

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“My prayers tonight will be for the health of Enrique Penalosa,” said fellow presidential hopeful Óscar Iván Zuluaga. “I hope for his speedy recovery and reincorporation into the public debate to which he has so much to contribute,” added the Democratic Center candidate.

“The candidate for the Senate for the Historical Pact and left-wing leader Piedad Córdoba said: “I hope that Dr. Enrique Peñalosa gets better soon. A message of support for his family.”

While the candidate for the Senate for the Centro Esperanza Humberto de la Calle Lombana Coalition said: “I hope that Enrique Peñalosa overcomes his health difficulties soon. Good luck. Greetings to his family.”

From this political option, the leader Ingrid Betancourt wished him a speedy recovery and stated: “We carry him in our prayers.”

It is expected that for the next few hours this Friday, the two-time mayor of Bogotá and now a presidential candidate for Team for Colombia, will be discharged.

Peñalosa, who participated virtually in the Team for Colombia summit where Zuluaga’s admission was analyzed, was referred to the Simón Bolívar Hospital after suffering health complications from covid-19.

This was reported by the members of the Team for Colombia from the account of the same former local president in the Colombian capital, upon learning that he suffered from low oxygen saturation. Given this, his doctor decided to take him to the hospital where he has shown improvement.


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