Endometriosis recognized as a long-lasting disease by the National Assembly

One in ten women suffers from endometriosis in France. The motion for a resolution defended by the deputy of France Insoumise Clémentine Autain, invites the government to initiate a reflection “to put in stone” endometriosis in the list of long-term affections, ALD 30.

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This should allow health insurance to cover 100% of their care, sick leaves without waiting periods or adjustments to their working time. Currently, it is possible to obtain it only after a case-by-case examination in the context of exonerating so-called off-list conditions, ALD 31. If it does not have any binding measures, the resolution adopted on Thursday could make it possible to exert pressure on the government, which for the moment does not opt ​​for this option. “We can create a floor of rights for women victims”, said the deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis with a particular thought for “poorly paid women, for the precarious, for the poorest among them”, for which the disease is “even more difficult to live with”.

Knowledge of the disease still lacking

This would be “a giant leap for millions of women,” added the MP. This disease, discovered in 1860, about which knowledge remains incomplete, is linked to the presence of cells of uterine origin outside the uterus, which react to hormones during menstrual cycles. Sometimes asymptomatic, it can also be manifested by heavy periods and severe pain.

The vote comes two days after the government’s announcement to launch a national strategy to fight endometriosis. Tracks that Emmanuel Macron had already announced in the columns of ELLE, in 2017 when he was a candidate for the presidential election. If the LR Stéphane Viry, author of a bill on the subject, denounced “a political calculation” on the part of Emmanuel Macron, Ms. Autain did not wish to “argue”, however regretting the absence of a timetable or specific budget. “Communication will not be enough,” she warned.

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