Emiliano Boffelli: “I felt like a rugby player back, even if it was only twenty minutes”

Moment of the anthem in the previous match against All Blacks, Emi Boffelli returned to Los Pumas after several months away. Credit: UAR Press / Kris Matthews / Gaspafotos

After several months without being able to play, the Rosario Emiliano Boffelli was able to wear the albiceleste again. The back formed in Duendes had not played since May, after an injury that left him outside the June window of Los Pumas. Then came again the stoppage due to covid-19 that marginalized him from the games in South Africa against the Springboks, but against the All Blacks he had his long-awaited return to the courts. It was like an opening, an unusual position, but the most important thing was being able to be on the court again.

In reference to the game with New Zealand in which Los Pumas fell by beating (39-0), Boffelli said: “It was a difficult game, we already know that when they get up well, they all come out and there is not much to do. They played a tremendous game, we had a very good attitude in defense, there were good tackles, but in attack, when you have the ball after so much defending, you are tired and you had to think a little more about what to do. When I walked in, I really enjoyed it. Beyond the result, I am happy to re-enter a field, play with my friends, in a position where I did not think I was going to do it, but it is a position that I know, I played a lot in youth and in Los Pumas in more than one shot out of ten. Nor is it that I do not know the position, but I did not think to enter the opening, it is a nice challenge to continue learning ”.

In addition, the back trained in Duendes referred to his return to the activity: “Since May I have not played, it is always very nice to put on the Los Pumas shirt, the shirt of your country and be able to represent it. I’m very happy about that and I felt like a rugby player back, even if it was only twenty minutes. The return was long, obviously I was going to be part of the team that played against Romania, with all that it meant after the Championship that we had last year, but I resented this injury that is fucked up, it is the unnameable, a lot the head has to do with beating it every day. The discomfort is there, but the head plays an important role, it is not a serious injury, but it is difficult when you install yourself to be able to think fully about rugby. It happened to me that I couldn’t even run in the captain run (before the game with Romania), I had to talk to Mario and tell him what was wrong with me. The best thing was to get off the tour to recover well. The moment was ugly, but today I see it with different eyes, because I was able to recover well, we did a very good job with the physiotherapists to be able to join the team for the match with All Blacks ”.

Rosario Emiliano Boffelli leaves Racing 92 to play in Edinburgh next season. Credit: Racing92 Press

It was a very eventful 2021 for Emiliano, first moving to Paris to join Racing 92. In the French team he played little, he did not have the chance to be able to show himself, and when everything seemed to be heading, a pass to a New Zealand team was frustrated, the injury comes and then the covid for the second time. “The reality is that all change generates stress. I had to change clubs, some things happened in the middle, I had the possibility of going to a club in New Zealand that did not materialize and Edinburgh appeared. I really liked the plan the club has, the ambitions it has and I am very happy with the decision I made. And I am very happy to share it with another Argentine like Ramiro Moyano ”, said Emiliano.

Again in reference to Los Pumas, Boffelli confided: “At 26 years old, one of me is no longer a kid, I feel part of this team, we have an incredible group of people, we are all aiming for the 2023 World Cup in France, we are focused on that. , no doubts. All I’m going to do from now on is thinking about the 2023 World Cup. When it comes to choosing the club too, because I’m thinking about Los Pumas and 2023. I chose to go to Racing because of the competition, then you can go out The decision was wrong or not, at that moment I thought that I was going to do well because of the competition in France and I was going to stay alert and not lower my level so as not to lose my position at Los Pumas. All I am going to do is thinking about 2023, because putting on this shirt is the most beautiful thing there is, it is still my dream, every time I play, I live it as if I made my debut, I want to take care of what I have to be part of this team , because the things that this group experienced in recent years is very strong in every way. You want to always be here, because it feels very good and the things that are lived here are strong ”.

The Rosario is back asking for a clue and wanting more. And his goal is very clear: the 2023 World Cup.

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