Emilia Coria Caraccioli: a solidarity operation of pure love

About the crucial moment lived, now that it is over, he has a particular vision. “Really now everything is positive, without fear of losing your life or with the risk of losing sight, motor skills or speech, that’s already a lot. They took everything out of me, and now it is up to my body to see how everything is reorganized. We can say that they reset my brain, but we are getting comfortable, we are doing well, “he said, to add:” Being young, healthy and dynamic, the surgeon told me, has been essential for everything to go well. “

Solidarity at the stick

After the denials of the social work, the search for donations through a collection, and finally the offer to perform the almost free surgical intervention, Emi thanked: “I only paid for the supplies, the plates that go in my brain, certain things, that reach half a million pesos, the total for the operation was one and a half million. The clinic has absorbed most of the expenses. I did not pay intensive therapy, medical fees, the medications they gave me, the days I was hospitalized, or that. They helped me a lot, “Coria recalled, moved.

However, this economic factor was not what detracted from the delicate situation that he had to face. “But all this has been in the background, economics, given the attention that I have received. I can’t believe I came to this doctor who operated on me. I was so scared, I was so insecure and yet the doctor Federico Sanchez It changed everything, it gave me certainty, without arrogance, but with great conviction of what I had to do, “explained the woman, with a reputation as an excellent pastry chef.


Federico Sánchez (left) was the neurosurgeon who successfully operated on Emi, and the other is Dr. Rodrigo Santamarina, who will be the family doctor of the young convalescent mother. Also part of the team that supports Coria is Dr. Eugenia Sottano, an epileptologist.

The time before his operation, after the little encouraging diagnosis, was long, and he made a pilgrimage to various hospitals, asking for budgets for his operation. “I visited several hospitals and clinics in Buenos Aires; I went to the Italian Hospital, in the Fleni Clinic, they treated me excellently, some bosses, but when I met this doctor, Dr. Sánchez, I could not believe, his professionalism, the same level of the doctors there, but being such a warm human person, so humble, simple “.

“There (in Buenos Aires), they just talked to me about money, they were colder. I arrived convulsing, the plane trip made me bad, on the other hand Sánchez was not interested in the economic issue at all, and he is going to operate at Buenos Aires, is internationally recognized, is a specialist in the temporal lobe, where I had my problem, “Coria compared, once he received the proposal from the Mendoza clinic.

According Emi, the things that happen to her are miraculous and the product of the good energy that surrounds her, just as her contact with the José Vicente Zapata street hospital occurred. “I had asked for an estimate at the Cuyo Clinic, but they didn’t answer me. A friend contacted Dr. SantamarinaIt was a weekend, and on Monday, Rodrigo called me. He told me “here I am with Federico López, who wants to talk to you”. It happened to me with him, which is the clinic owner, and He told me that I did not need to go to Buenos Aires, that here they could take good care of me, spend less, and I would be close to my daughter and my family. “Let’s do it as soon as possible, we are going to take care of you and everything will turn out fine,” López told me.

“I felt so good with the people at the clinic that I couldn’t believe it. Who sent them to me? I wondered. Federico Sanchez (neurosurgeon), Rodrigo Santamarina (clinical neurologist), Eugenia Sottano (epileptologist), all always well predisposed, friendly, had another vision of doctors and neurosurgeons, them and then God (laughs), and on top of that, I didn’t have to pay them! -Really you can say that everything was a miracle“, she added excited with her sweet voice, slowed down by the drugs, but without dulling it.

“The clinic team is very humble, but I want everyone to know about the important professionals we have in Mendoza. It is wonderful” “The clinic team is very humble, but I want everyone to know about the important professionals we have in Mendoza. It is wonderful”

Emilia underwent a seven-hour surgery, woke up at night with a lot of pain, and told how the post-operative was. “The first days were hard, in intensive care, the three doctors were going to see me all the time, and the intensive care staff were divine. Already at the weekend I went to the common room and my family was going to take care of me. Super comfortable the place”.

Despite her rapid recovery, which meant that this week she could go home, and not only be up, but also take small walks, the process will be long and with great care. “For now, we just have to wait for deflamation and after a few months, we start with control MRIs., we’re waiting for the pathological analysis of the cavernoma and the bleeding, which was sent to Buenos Aires, is not done here “, Emilia explained. I was more active. I am on a very strong antiepileptic drug, “he also explained.

“I’m already at home. I spoke slowly at first, now I’m sort of reactivated. They medicated me a lot for the surgery, my brain had to be stopped. They reset me” “I’m already at home. I spoke slowly at first, now I’m sort of reactivated. They medicated me a lot for the surgery, my brain had to be stopped. They reset me”

When the convalescent from Mendoza was consulted about her vision of her life after the hard examination, she said: “I still do not think much about the future, but I see everything with great joy. This experience surprised me, I was thinking about how wonderful it is to meet such good people, and that it has given me so much. I see so much beauty in my life that I cannot complain about anything. I am super confident in life; It is in life that I trust, and I give my future to life, gladly. This has brought me more love into my life, in the form of a doctor, in the form of money, people who come to me to do Reiki, in people who take care of me, in my family, it is all love, it is precious. It’s really something to share, “concluded Emilia Coria.

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