Emerson Duarte defeats Brazilian in the 25 m pistol

(Rossana Fraga / CBTE)

Rio de Janeiro, more precisely the Military Sports Shooting Center, is hosting the Final of the Brazilian Championship for Rifle, Pistol, Rifle and Olympic Skeet Shooting. And the first champion of the event was Emerson Duarte, who won the title in the standard 25 m pistol.

The fight for first place was intense between Emerson Duarte and José Carlos Batista. There were six shooting sessions and the two took turns at the top of the classification. José Carlos came out ahead with 96, while Emerson Duarte came out behind with 94.

In the sequence, Emerson was very close to perfection, totaling 98 and returning to the fight for the title. Interestingly, both had the same performance in the third and fourth shooting sessions, which left the definition of the standard pistol for the last two opportunities.

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emerson duarte sport shooting pistol


More experienced internationally, Emerson Duarte lavished tranquility and category in his last two sessions. He totaled 96 on Thursday and ended with 93, totaling 570 points, a performance that guaranteed him the title of the Brazilian sport shooting in the standard pistol. José Carlos Batista took the runner-up and Julio Almeida, another well-known Brazilian marksman, finished in third place.

The Brazilian sport shooting runs until November 28th and will crown champions in several disciplines, including Paralympics.

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