Elsa and Patricia remember their love for teaching on Teacher’s Day

Every September 11 teachers are entertained on their day, remembering the death of Domingo Sarmiento in 1888, considered “the father of the classroom.” Get informed brings you the stories of Elsa and Patricia, two vocation teachers.

Elsa Liendo, an arts education teacher, never questioned her career choice. Although when I was a child, I did not want to be a teacher, but a journalist. He attended his primary studies in Rosario de Lerma, then his whole family moved to Buenos Aires due to his father’s labor issues.

During his stay in Buenos Aires, he decided to study a teacher in physical education, when he reached his last year of high school he met the Salta Ballet and began to study and dance with them. Thus this became his profession.

In 1998 Elsa directed a play called “The Passion”, in reference to Christ. A friend, priest, He recommended her to an elementary school where they were looking for an arts education teacherShe accepted without knowing that she was making a decision that would change her life.

There he learned about curriculum design, teacher planning and many other things that do to the work of teachers, “there I said, how I like this”.

One day he was walking down the street and saw a teacher in corporal expression, He found out everything he needed but couldn’t afford it. Her mother spoke with the director and they decided to give her a scholarship.

“Every time the institute needed someone from dance and folklore they brought meThat way I paid for my degree”Elsa commented, very proud of her teaching training.

Finished his career he decided to return to Salta, “God is in Buenos Aires, but my heart was always here”Says Elsa who now works in the Ministry of Education of the Province and is proud of everything she built as a teacher.

Patricia García, vice principal of a school in Salta Capital.

I am a teacher because my mother was a teacher, she is a reference for me”Says Patricia, who always followed her mother’s footsteps with great attention and admiration.

Patricia, is sure that she chose a career that makes her happy and that is very demanding at the same time, “all our lives we have to study and train to provide a professional service that trains future citizens ”, he comments in this regard.

Although he is not in front of the classroom now, he did so for 15 years and, “it means a lot to know that these people are going to be good people, human beings with values ​​and education thanks to what one is sowing.”

On what it means to be in front of dozens of young people hungry for knowledge, Patricia aI am sure that we must not lose humanity and train people in human values.

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