Elisa Carrió accused Cristina Fernández de Kirchner of wanting to carry out a “coup d’état” against him. to Alberto Fernández

Elisa Carrió, leader of the Civic Coalition, attacked Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for the resignation of the officials after the defeat of the PASO last Sunday. “The attempt to empty the president from a vice president is a coup,” Carrió said.

Speaking to Radio Miter, the leader of the civic coalition commented: “The attempt to empty the president on the part of a vice president it’s a coup. A vice president cannot tell the president who he takes out, be it defeated or be victorious. ”

And he added: “The president has to exercise his institutional functions and to resist”.

Continuing with her speech, the leader of the Civic Coalition, commented: “Several have already done it, we have the experience of De la Rúa – Chacho ÁlvarezAnd he remarked: “We must avoid a radicalization blow that is the pre-announcement of something more serious, when sectors of a government radicalize to go to authoritarianism.”

Finally, he pointed out: “Unfortunately if the president gives in … I cannot venture, I cannot say anything else. We are going to live 3 or 4 very difficult days and then we will see. It would not be good for him to decide on his own dissolution. ”


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