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Elijah Montalvo He continues to enjoy his This is War vacation. The reality boy is very active in social networks, where he usually shares moments of his day to day with his followers. On Instagram he posted videos of the long process he is going through to get a tattoo on his torso. However, the stories did not have a happy ending.

Elías Montalvo’s new tattoo

The tiktoker used his Instagram profile to show his activities for the day with his followers. Excited, he recorded from a Lima tattoo studio.

“We are going to enter the massacre,” said the reality boy in his first Instagram stories. “I’m going to cry a freak,” he said jokingly just before laying down to start the tattooing process. He then showed the camera the stencil placed on the side of his torso.


“That it doesn’t hurt,” Elías asked the artist. But after he touched her skin with the tattoo machine, the tiktoker quickly showed distress.

An hour later, he recorded stories again, looking somewhat disappointed. “Mission incomplete, I couldn’t,” said Elías. He explained that he will schedule one more session to complete his tattoo, because the area where it is located is extremely painful.

He then showed a picture of the progress he made with his tattoo artist. It is the image of a large phoenix, accompanied by flames in reddish tones made with the watercolor technique. This detail was what he was adding to the mark on his skin, as he has previously shown images of the tattoo in only black lines.

Lazy loaded component

The first time he showed the tattoo was on January 3, the photographs of his trip to Piura. Elías was photographed on Vichayito beach, enjoying the sun, wearing his phoenix proudly. Before, in that area of ​​his torso he only had a few small birds flying, which are now covered by the color red.

Elías Montalvo has a phoenix tattoo on his abs. Photo: Instagram capture

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