Eleven arrested with “Puma” operation in Guadalajara

In five different events, in a period of nine hours, the Guadalajara Police Commissioner detained eleven people, mainly in the Center, El Sauz, Villa Guerrero, Arcos Vallarta and Aurora; for carrying firearms and allegedly drugs. All the arrests were made during the early hours of this Thursday.

In the first case, during their surveillance tour, cyclopolices observed a subject at the intersection of 8 de Julio and López Cotilla, yelling and pulling up his shirt; He had a special 38 caliber revolver-type weapon in view, which was forcibly attached to a 45 caliber cartridge.

In the second incident, uniformed officers observed two men who were traveling aboard a vehicle on Isla Zanzibar and Avenida Patria, from which smoke was coming out, the officers approached and observed that the occupants of the car were apparently smoking marijuana from a glass pipe.

After a search, they found a plastic bag with marijuana and another with granulated material, apparently crystal, as well as a 45 caliber firearm and a .223 caliber useful shot.


In the third apprehension, the gendarmes as they passed through Avenida Patria and Isla Gomera observed that from a vehicle belonging to the Transport Network Companies, the driver waved them over, and, after marking the stop, he said that the crew wanted to steal it. .

On inspection, they were found in a backpack, a sub 22 caliber machine gun with 34 useful cartridges to the caliber.


In the fourth case, while police officers were patrolling the Agustín Yañez and López Cotilla Beltway, officers detected a man who showed an evasive attitude and insulted them. After reviewing it, they found a revolver-type firearm with five 357 caliber cartridges.

And, in the last one, while traveling through Jazmín and Avenida Dr. Roberto Michel, officers were alerted by the driver of a heavy vehicle, who told them that the crew of a truck were following him and apparently wanted to steal him.

Upon detecting the vehicle with the provided characteristics and after a review, they located a special 38 caliber revolver firearm with a useful cartridge.

In all cases, the alleged perpetrators, who said their names were Jonathan (20), Roberto (29), Oswaldo (30), Luis (22), Edgar (21), Miguel (31), Reyna (28), Luis (23 ), Jorge (26), José (23) and Pedro (37), were sent to the Public Ministry of the Attorney General’s Office, as were the seized weapons and drugs.



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