Electoral Court ratifies the triumph of Layda Sansores as governor-elect of Campeche

The plenary session of the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) ratified the triumph of Layda Sansores, Morena-PT’s candidate for the governorship of Campeche during the elections of June 6.

The resolution was approved unanimously with seven votes in favor. In a public session, Judge Janine Otálora Malassis, in charge of the project, reported that after carrying out the vote-by-vote count in the 21 electoral districts of the entity, which was ordered by the Superior Chamber of the TEPJF on August 19, ” Layda Sansores, candidate of the Together We Will Make History coalition in Campeche, persists as the option that was favored with the highest number of votes. “

He pointed out that in response to various resources promoted by the Citizen Movement party, mainly, each of the 1,86 polling stations were reviewed. Of this total, irregularities were detected in 18 boxes, for which the cancellation of them was determined. After the recomposition of the results, he explained, “the final count is favorable to the candidate nominated by the coalition made up of the Morena and Labor Party political parties, with a total of 139 thousand 503 votes.”

Otálora Malassis explained that in addition to the vote count, the complaint was reviewed regarding the alleged existence of an unjustified difference in votes between the vote for the governor’s office and that of local councils, which he described as “unfounded and inoperative grievances.” “The party starts from an inaccurate premise because it estimates that by proving the difference between the aforementioned votes, it is possible to conclude that false and apocryphal ballots were introduced in the election to the governor in favor of Morena and her candidate.

The party had to directly accredit irregularities in the voting received in the polls for the election in the governorship. In addition, the party denounces that the unjustified difference is 1,47 votes, which does not reflect a potential difference, “he pointed out. Regarding the alleged intervention of federal and local public officials, the TEPJF also dismissed the grievances, considering that no such claim was proven.

Regarding the use of the image of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador in electoral propaganda of Layda Sansores, it was declared “inoperative”, because the local Court ruled at the time and generated a sanctioning procedure.

The decision of the Court is given one day before the change of government in Campeche. It will be the first minute of September 15 when the candidate Sansores San Román is declared the winner and protests before the State Congress as head of the State Executive.

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