Elections Step 2021: What happens if I don’t vote?

This Sunday the Passages were held throughout the country to elect candidates for Deputies and Senators. As their acronyms indicate, they are primary, open, simultaneous and mandatory elections and for this reason attendance at the polls must be effective.

Due to the pandemic, the election mechanism was modified with respect to other elective years. More institutions were opened, the waiting lines were held in the open air, the presidents of the polling stations did not receive their DNI, but each voter left it on the table. The use of chinstrap and alcohol gel and a distance of two meters or more were also mandatory.

In turn, they indicated that if it was possible, each voter should carry their own pen and do not close the envelope with saliva, even so, the vote will not be borne.

But what if I DIDN’T go to vote?

According to the law, voting is compulsory for all citizens and only those under 18 years of age and those over 70 years of age are excepted. Due to the pandemic, the National Electoral Chamber also indicated that this list will include people who are positive for Covid-19, close contacts and those who have symptoms.

In turn, there are several important points to follow in order not to receive a fine: present a certificate indicating your health status at the time of voting (deadline 60 days after the election) and if you are 500 kilometers or more away, you must Go to the nearest police station and ask for a certificate proving the distance (deadline 60 days after the election)

People who had to perform work tasks during election day, have the right to have their employers grant them a special leave without any salary discount so that they can comply with the obligation to vote.

But if you do not fall into that age range or do not have a close relationship with the virus, the law will go into effect. Those people who did not go to vote and do not justify the absence must pay a fine of 50 pesos in the PASO and those who do not vote in the general elections in November, must pay a fine of 100 pesos.

If the person does not pay the fine either, they will remain on the list of offender officers and will not be able to do paperwork and obtain a passport for a year. Neither may they be appointed public officials for three years.

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