Elections in red and black: they shot the house of relatives of Newell’s vice president Cristian D’Amico

Photos: Georgina Belluati.

The internal elections of the Newell’s Old Boys club are complicated: at midnight this Monday, there was a new attack on one of the three candidates who are running to run the institution. The shots, at least 15, were against the home of a relative in Funes. It is not the first act of violence that spoils the elections: on Monday they damaged the car of another candidate, Ignacio Astore.

The preview of the elections scheduled for this Sunday got a bit more dirty with the attack directed at the current vice second, who is going as head of one of the contending lists. The bullets hit the front of a house on Calle Facundo Quiroga at 2700, where according to the first information the brother of the leper leader lives. They counted 11 hits on the front. And three others, in a car parked on the block.

Photos: Georgina Belluati.

The investigation of the attack was in charge of the prosecutor of the Shooting Unit Federico Rébola, who ordered the intervention of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) and the survey of several video surveillance cameras in the area.

“We heard the shots. My wife says she felt the braking of a car and then the shots, “said a neighbor about the attack. “This is a very quiet place, of a lifetime. We have been here for 15 years and it was always very quiet. This is something that scares, because what is seen in Rosario now we see here, “added another funeral.

This is not the first time that they have attacked D’Amico or those around him. In 2016, he was shot in the western area of ​​Rosario (Valparaíso and Montevideo) when he was driving his truck, in which his son was also driving, after a chase. And, as now, it was not an isolated event but an episode in a saga of attacks and threats against various leaders that had as its setting an inmate from the Parque Brava. Last May, in addition, graffiti appeared on the front and the sidewalk of the photography business of which he owns, in San Martín at 4800.

Photos: Georgina Belluati.

Now, it is not an isolated target either. Ignacio Astore, another candidate for the presidency of Newell’s –for the Leprosy Independence Movement– denounced repeated threats and damage to his car, this Monday. D’Amico himself had expressed solidarity with his competitor hours before the attack on his brother’s home in Funes.

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