Elections in Chaco: there are 14 lists that will compete in the primaries this Sunday

More than 965,000 Chaqueños will be able to participate in the open, simultaneous and mandatory primaries (PASO) that will take place this Sunday, September 12. In total, 14 lists will compete in the PASO, although the number of ballots in the dark room will be greater because the province of Chaco unified its election with the national elections and, therefore, the local offer will also be offered at the tables.

Of the 14 lists, eight will compete in the two main alliances: Frente de Todos and Chaco Cambia + Juntos por el Cambio. In addition, three provincial parties, two leftist forces and a third front will participate in the primaries.

By the Front of All there are 5 lists: October 17, which represents the unity between the most important sectors of the PJ and allies, is headed by Juan Manuel Pedrini, former national deputy and current provincial legislator, accompanied by the mayor of Charata, María Luisa Chomiak, in second place. Councilors Fabricio Bolatti and Silvana Cabrera are the other two titular candidates.

The political party of the social leader Emerenciano Sena, Socialistas Unidos, participates in the Frente de Todos primary with a national list led by the reference of the school that manages its movement, Marcela Muladino. Rubén García is the candidate for the Espacio Felipe Gallardo list, a group named after the person who was the first constitutional governor of Chaco.

And the National Political Social Union Cristina Project, which promotes the social economy, will seek to add votes from the hand of Claudia Miño.

The Front of Peronist Groups, meanwhile, will participate in the contest with the candidacy of Carlos “Taty” Ayala from Saenzpeñense.

In the opposition space Chaco Cambia + Juntos por el Cambio there is a strong dispute between Yo Cambio and Juntos por Chaco + Evolución, although the Chaco Proposal was also presented, a line linked to a sector of the PRO. The mayor of Coronel Du Graty, Juan Carlos Polini, is the first candidate for national deputy for the Yo Cambio list, a space where the strongest radical sectors converge, part of the PRO and some allies. Marilú Quiroz, president of PRO Chaco, is the second candidate in this sector. The electoral offer is completed with the doctor Julio Picón and the former Anses official, Marilyn Canata.

The opposing group is Juntos Por Chaco + Evolución, with a national list headed by former governor Roy Nikisch, who added the national deputy Aída Ayala. Pablo Álvarez and Silvana Salinas are the other two candidates. Finally, the vice president of PRO Chaco, Diego Jara, presented the Chaco Proposal together with other militants.

In the rest of the forces there will be no inmates and the effort will be made to obtain the electoral floor to participate in November. In Vamos con Vos, a front made up of Libres del Sur and the Socialist Party, Carlos Martínez heads the roster.

Former Vice Governor Juan Carlos Bacileff Ivanoff is the candidate of the Integrating Front, which two years ago won two provincial seats.

Luís Alberto Cabrera heads the list of the provincial party Citizens to Govern, while Acción Chaqueña proposes ex-police officer Rubén Cañete.

The left, on the other hand, will have two lists: the PO, led by the young Claudio Cobas, and the Movimiento Izquierda Juventud y Dignidad (MIJD), the party of Raúl Castells, with a group headed by Aurora Escobar.

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