Elections: foreigners voted normally at tables in Aldea Beleiro and Atilio Viglione


PASO 2021

On Sunday, September 12, the rural communes of Atilio Viglione and Aldea Beleiro were held in the primary, open, simultaneous and compulsory elections to decide candidacies for chief and deputy communal chief.

Ilustrative Photo.

In both cases the electoral act was carried out with absolute normality and as regards the Provincial Electoral Tribunal, the operation of the foreigners’ tables was observed and guaranteed.

In the case of Comuna Rural Atilio ViglioneOf three foreigners registered to vote, only one voted, while in the case of Aldea Beleiro, out of a total list of 12 voters, 9 attended to cast their vote.

The final scrutiny of the polls corresponding to the list of foreigners will be in charge of the TEP and the result will be integrated into that obtained from the scrutiny of the rest of the tables that will be carried out from Tuesday, the Electoral Secretariat of the Federal Court of Rawson.

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