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For its part, the presidential elections will be held on May 29. If a second round is necessary, it would be brought forward on June 19.

In these elections, the role of the voting juries and voters will be essential, who will have in their hands the decisions of who will lead the country.

And it is that voting and being an electoral jury, in addition to being a citizen responsibility, also has a series of Benefits for citizens.

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The consultations are scheduled for March 13, the same day as the legislative elections.


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According to the Registrar’s Office, Article 105 of the Electoral Code establishes that “citizens selected as voting juries have the right to a paid compensatory rest day, which can be made effective in front of the respective employer within forty-five (45) days following the date of the date of the election ”.

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“Any citizen who proves that he has legitimately exercised the right to vote, may have half a day of remunerated compensatory rest for the time he uses to fulfill his function as a voter”, indicates the page of the Registrar’s Office.

But there are many more benefits.

Those who certify that they exercised their right to vote will have priority if they take an entrance exam to a higher education institution and their result is tied with that of another candidate.

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All the people who vote have the right to half a day of rest.


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In addition, they will have “benefits in the award of educational scholarships, rural properties and housing subsidies offered by the State in cases of equality of conditions strictly established in an open contest.” The benefit will also apply in calls for state jobs.

Those who present their electoral certificate will also have a 10 percent discount on the cost of tuition if they are students of an official institution of higher education, in addition to a 10 percent discount in the issuance of the passport, which can be used in the following four years after the election.

They also benefit from a 10 percent discount on the processing or duplicate of the military passbook or duplicates of their citizenship card.


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