Elections 2021: what Sagasti and Bermejo said

elections 2021 sagasti bermejo2.jpeg

Photo: Martín Pravata

“The data that we have in our internal count, At this time of night with 50% of the data, they tell us that Cambia Mendoza wins with a percentage between 33% and 34% and we would obtain 28%. Now we want to go out now again to talk to the people of Mendoza, “said Sagasti.

Then Bermejo made a self-criticism and pointed out that “perhaps we lacked knowing how to better communicate our proposal. There has been a wide offer, which will be less for the general elections. We take responsibility for the result. “

Anabel immediately admitted: “The first thing is that today the men and women from Mendoza spoke and we listened to what they told us through their vote. We take it with humility. For us to lose is to get up again. And tomorrow we are going to get up looking and traveling. every corner of the province “.

Bermejo added that “it is very premature to do an analysis now. The truth is that we have to walk the province further and better convey our proposal and our project. We know that we lose in my department, Maipú, but it has been 20 years since we won a legislative session in Maipú. “

Finally, Fernández Sagasti analyzed that “if today were the general elections, Peronism would put in two national deputies, it would recover legislators and councilors. We have taken a little step forward and we have to support the unity of the movement.”

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