Elections 2021: Together for Change is imposed in the province of Buenos Aires

Hours before, Kirchnerism came out euphoric to celebrate with Tolosa Paz, Máximo Kirchner and Axel Kicillof. So far no one has come out to admit defeat. From the social networks from the ruling party they said that they were going to turn those results around.

elections 2021 santilli.jpg

Diego Santilli won the Juntos por el Cambio intern with 58.2% of the votes and Facundo Manes obtained 41.7%.

While, the single list of the Frente de Todos led by Tolosa Paz, seconded by Daniel Gollan, was ranked second in the elections in the largest district in the country, about 5 points away from the main opposition coalition.

Before the results were known, the two candidates of Together for Change were shown together on the stage of the campaign bunker that they installed in the city of La Plata to give a sign of unity and harangue their voters in the face of the elections Legislative of November.

“Whatever happens with the result, we will be working together,” said the PRO candidate, while Manes highlighted: “We are going to work together with Diego to beat Kirchnerism in November and in 2023.”

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