Elections 2021: the third place went to the blank vote

elections 2021 mario abed.jpg

Lieutenant Governor Mario Abed.

Photo: Fernando Martinez

“We believe that this blank vote is useful. We know that there is disagreement with inflation because people tell us when we find it on the street. There are many who have money for nothing”, Abed indicated.

“We are concerned and busy about this,” the lieutenant governor continued, adding: “We understand that it can be a rough vote with the Nation or with the Province. We have to listen to them. We are going to analyze the number of blank votes in each district and, based on that data, see what we have to do.

Finally Abed referred to the victory of Cambia Mendoza in his department, Junín, with a difference of 30 points with respect to Peronism and said: “It is the merit of the mayor Héctor Ruiz. The people from Junine have given him a boost. I have nothing to do with it.”

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