Elections 2021: the most spicy phrases of the debate between the Buenos Aires candidates

31 days before the legislative elections, the candidates who head the lists of deputies in the City of Buenos Aires faced each other in a television debate. María Eugenia Vidal (Together for Change), Leandro Santoro (Frente de Todos), Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza) and Myriam Bregman (Left and Workers Front) they addressed the viewers to explain their proposals and ask for the vote for the November 14 elections.

By choice, Luis Zamora (Self-determination and Freedom) declined the invitation, arguing that the drivers of the cycle the one of you, who organized the presentation, had political favorites: “We do not endorse operators“, he said in relation to the journalists of the TN signal.

The four participating candidates made a first presentation and then focused on three chapters: Institutional quality, security and justice; Economy, education and work; and Health policy in pandemic.

During the exhibitions, the candidates took the opportunity to pass bills for their links with the national government (Santoro) or for what they did in their management at the head of the province of Buenos Aires (Vidal).

Among the spiciest phrases cronica.com.ar rescued the following.

“I have come to ask the President to demand the resignation of Aníbal Fernández” (for his discussion with the cartoonist Nik).

“Today we are worse than in December 2019. There is a way out if we respect some basic things: you will progress by breaking your soul but with nothing that comes from above. There is something that all the members of my list agree on: we will not vote new taxes “ (on the economic crisis and social plans).

“In the Buenos Aires schools they offer you free graduate trips and indoctrination classes, but the President instead of acknowledging it says that ‘it is a barbarous debate'” (on public education).

“If we had won the presidential election we would have had credit in the world and we would have been able to pay the debt” (on the loan with the IMF).

The candidates, with faces that do not hide the tension that existed in the studies.

“Last week they wanted to vote on the front labeling law and Together for Change did not give a quorum. Tell me if that is institutional quality.” (on parliamentary responsibility).

“The recurring problem in Argentina is a lack of dollars. During the government that María Eugenia was part of, 100 billion dollars were taken in doubt. For what? To generate business for investment funds and banks of Macri’s friends” (on capital flight).

“During the pandemic Larreta did not buy respirators, but he bought chinstraps with surcharges. Do any of you remember any public policy developed by the Buenos Aires government during the pandemic? How many vaccines did the head of government buy?” (on Rodríguez Larreta’s health management)

“Do you remember that they promised that with the money from Soccer for All they would do 3,000 kindergartens throughout the country? They did less than 150” (on Juntos por el Cambio’s investment in education).

What Javier Milei said

“They say that I am dangerous. Yes, I am dangerous for the political caste because with me the fuck is over for those with privileges” (about those who criticize his ideas).

“I’m not going to ask the other candidates anything because I don’t argue with the caste.” (about the rest of the politicians).

“The City was an accomplice of the cave-dwelling quarantine. There was a lack of order of magnitudes, the numbers were poorly analyzed … That is why the drop in GDP almost triples that of the rest of the world. We did everything wrong. salaries were the caste “ (on the health management of Rodríguez Larreta).

“Massive tests had to be carried out but this genocidal government, in order not to stop stealing, decided to condemn thousands of Argentines to death. It did not test as a thief and neither did it vaccinate for doing business with vaccines” (on the number of deaths in the pandemic).

“Milei speaks of the caste but he was an advisor to the genocidal Bussi and is with the Vox fachos in Spain. More stale ideas are not achieved” (on the political caste).

“This man pretends to be polite but he comes out of here and starts yelling at us ‘shitty lefties, they’re going to run’. Let him stop attacking us” (on the phrases of Milei in campaign).

“The rope around Argentina’s neck is called the International Monetary Fund. There is no reason why they are leaving the signing of the agreement until after the elections. And all those who are here have already said that they are going to vote for it in Congress.” (on economic policy).

“They are not going to come to us to talk about public education because our children go to state schools. I cannot forget that when Vidal was governor, a school exploded and there were two dead teachers” (on the quality of education).

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