Elections 2021: Fernán Quirós crossed Javier Milei for his rejection of the Covid vaccination

The Buenos Aires Minister of Health, Fernan Quirós, he referred to the criticisms he made Javier Milei around the efficacy of vaccines during the debate of candidates for national deputies for the City Wednesday.

In this regard, Quirós stated that it is “truly wrong from a health point of view” the decision taken by the candidate for national deputy for La Libertad Avanza not wanting to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

In this sense, the Buenos Aires official also alluded to the questions made by Milei regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccines used to immunize the population during the Buenos Aires debate.

“There are publications in the great scientific journals of the world publications of the majority of the countries of the world, there are published not only in Phase III, which are the original (studies), but there is an enormous amount of work in the field, or in the instead of evaluating efficacy, such as Phase III, they evaluate effectiveness, explained the Buenos Aires Minister of Health.

Quirós added on the subject that what is sought with these evaluations is “See what happens with an effective vaccine in the context of a research work when we take it to the affective field and distribute it throughout the community”.

The studies of effectiveness in the world with all the vaccines, those that are in Argentina and others that had not been, are conclusive in terms of the effectiveness not only with the original variants of the virus but with those that came later “emphasized the official.

During her presentation in the debate, Milei had maintained that in her opinion “not all vaccines are well tested” and that he made the decision not to be vaccinated.

“There are two different concepts that I would like to mark very well. One is opinion and opinion, as always, is diverse, singularly heterogeneous and each citizen had the opportunity to form his own in the debate. Another is health, there you have to be very clear . Current information on vaccines is overwhelmingQuirós remarked.

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