Elections 2021: Cornejo and Bullrich landed in Chubut

“Every vote counts and that leads us to travel the country with Alfredo Cornejo. In Chubut we seek change with Ignacio Torres and Edith Terenzi,” Bullrich said through Twitter and added: “With #CincoSenadores we will end the Kirchner quorum in Congress “.

The former Minister of Security returned in this way to crush on the main campaign slogan of Together for Change for the November 14 elections, which they called “five senators for change”.


“We are traveling the country so that Cristina Kirchner does not have her own quorum in the Senate”, Cornejo remarked in turn, while maintaining that the vice president “is the one in charge, the one who ideologically guides the Government and is responsible for this crack of hatred”, after which he considered: “That it does not have its own quorum would be a hinge for Argentina”.

On the other hand, the president of the UCR and candidate for national senator for Mendoza affirmed that “the Frente de Todos wants to recover in the six provinces that are elected senators and were defeated, but if there is one that they have particularly targeted, it is Chubut.”

patricia bullrich alfredo cornejo in chubut.jpg

The Patagonian province is one of the most disputed between the government and the opposition because it is one of those that the Frente de Todos seeks to “turn around” to avoid repeating the results of the PASO in November, given that, if it happened, the ruling party would be left with 35 senators, two less than the quorum.

In the ruling party, they almost give up the provinces of Mendoza and Corrientes, governed by the opposition that triumphed in the PASO, and also Córdoba, where they came third and concentrate their efforts on improving their results in Chubut, Santa Fe and La Pampa, where defeat took them by surprise.

In Chubut, Juntos por el Cambio won the PASO with 39.5% of the votes Among the three lists that he presented, while the Frente de Todos reaped 26.6% with two lists of candidates and Chubut Somos Todos, the party of the provincial government, 13.4%.

Faced with this scenario, the national ruling party sought an agreement with the force led by Governor Mariano Arcioni to lower its list and support the Frente de Todos, but so far it has not prospered.

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