EK Partners with Seagate and M.2 FireCuda 530 SSDs to Have New Heatsinks

Model is being sold in Europe and is not yet expected to arrive in Brazil

A EK it’s at Seagate are launching on the market a new model of FireCuda 530, it was announced in June and will now have versions with heatsinks on sale as a result of the union between the two companies.

This model of SSD nVME M.2 brings an absurd speed of up to 7,300 MB/s sequential read while offering up to 6900 MB / s of sequential writing on models from 2 TB, and 6000 MB / s in the 1TB model, the FireCuda 530 is equipped with a controller that winds up E18 and has memory 3D TLC NAND.

It is the fastest SSD offered by the company and is perfect to be used in games and uses that demand agility in data transfer, with the presence of the heat sink in partnership with EK, the product becomes more resistant to more intense uses, providing greater safety and reliability at the time of use.

Despite being a low profile heatsink, it provides cooling efficiency and prevents temperatures from reaching higher levels when the product is overloaded, although it does not change the performance of the product. FireCuda 530, the sink becomes a great ally.

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We recently brought here on Adrenaline the information that the FireCuda 530 has official compatibility for use on PlayStation 5, and as confirmed by the site guru3d, the model with heatsinks from EK is fully compatible with the console from Sony, as it has a low profile, which does not affect the dimensions of the product and fits perfectly into the slot available in the video game to carry out the storage expansion.

Its compatibility with notebooks varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and it is necessary to consult in advance the support for the desired model.

The product is now available for sale in Europe at the official EK store, with the 1TB model with heatsink is selling for 305 euros, around R$1,880 in direct conversion, while the 2TB model will be available soon for the price of 640 euros, which gives about 3,946 reais in direct conversion. The model is not yet officially available for sale in Brazil, only the previous version, FireCuda 520, can be found here in online stores.

Seagate Confirms FireCuda 530 NVMe as First PS5 Compatible SSD
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Via: guru3d

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