Eiza González in an elegant turquoise suit Tom Ford, forgets the bra and they tell her "You have to stop"

The actress famous Eiza González poses spectacularly in an elegant turquoise suit from the renowned luxury brand Tom Ford, he forgets the bra and on social networks they say “You have to stop” and that is because so much majesty dazzles his most loyal followers.

The native of Mexico City causes a great impact in her most recent appearance on the internet and is that Eiza González also proudly boasts the pieces of jeweler’s from the brand that recently made her an ambassador like Alejandro Speitzer, it’s about accessories Bulgarian.

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“You shine like a diamond”, “You look beautiful, that suit is perfect for you” and “You are a success” are some of the phrases that inspired the actress in the film Baby Driver, even the painter mexican Roberta Lobeira wrote to Eiza González: “You already have to stop wow“.

And is that the singer now it has gone from perfect, highlighting her personality, Eiza González poses only with him costume two-piece turquoise and nothing else, forget about the bra and of the blouse and poses majestically before the astonished gaze of the audience.

The daughter of Glenda reyna, model, businesswoman and fashion designer reveals that the great beauty and talent were inherited from her mother, now she is the bearer of the most famous luxury brands, since she became a Hollywood star she has not stopped reaping successes.

Not for nothing already rubs shoulders with actresses of the stature of Demi Moore and Kate Hudson as she did at the recent Venice Film Festival in Italy where they starred in the most flamboyant duel of evening dresses where the result was undoubtedly a draw.

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The fit tom ford costume it is buttoned in the middle part of Eiza González and wears elegant shoulder pads that undoubtedly further stylize the figure of the actress in the Netflix movie, Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you, in the lower part there is a pants that is fair with a drawstring at the waist.

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The image was shared by Eiza González herself in her official account of Instagram, where immediately his fans and friends who are also celebrities did not hesitate to share their most beautiful words to praise the incomparable beauty of the mexican.

Although the Photography was also proudly shared on the official account of Tom Ford, which gives Eiza González a great reputation as it will gain even more popularity and will also be known for its talent, for his kind friendliness and personality.

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