Eduardo Taddeo, former member of the Central Faction, passes the OAB test

Eduardo Taddeo fought for 5 years for this achievement

the rapper Eduardo Taddeo, one of the names of the legendary Central Faction group, has now officially become a lawyer. Yesterday (12), he went to his social networks and shared the result of the last exam of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) with the approval, Eduardo took advantage of this great achievement and leave a message for all your audience.

“I have always stated in my raps and lectures that people from the periphery are not limited only to achievements in music or sports. Our only difference to the playboyzada is that they inherit the facilities and we inherit the hunger and the police shootings”, wrote the rapper in the publication in which he proudly showed his approval in the exam.

“Today I have proved in practice that this thought that I have defended and defend so much is not theory or fallacy, but the purest truth. After 5 years of intense and tense law school, I passed the OAB exam.
To the despair of the system, the son of the beggar from the slum in downtown São Paulo, in addition to being a rapper, is now a Doctor! Also believe in your potential! BECAUSE I BELIEVE!”, he vented.

Eduardo Taddeo left Fação Central in 2013, and went in search of a solo career. The rapper released an album in 2014, following the same “vibe” he had in the group. In addition, the artist started to give lectures in several places in the country.

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