Eduardo passed away "Negrin" Andrade folklorist and composer

This Thursday at the age of 93 the folklorist died in Buenos Aires Eduarto “Negrín” Andrade, as reported by the Télam agency.

He was born on December 24, 1928 under the name of Eduardo Julio González, was the author of several songs known as: “Como urpillita loss”, which made up the repertoires of Mercedes Sosa, Horacio Guarany, Alfredo Ábalos, El Chango Nieto, Los Tucu-Tucu, Julia Elena Dávalos, Carlos Torres Vila and Jorge Víctor Andrada, among others.

The musician had accompanied Horacio Guarany in a journey of his career and coincided on the same date since this January 13 marks 5 years of the death of the remembered “Potro” Guarany.

He worked in the 70’s with Luis Landriscina on Channel 13 and composed the music for his films: “Laucha’s marriage” and “Millionaires by force”. Also under the orders of Enrique Dawi acted and sang two pieces in the movie “Facing the sky”.

Andrade was part of the ensembles The Merry Gaucho Festivities, The Shepherds Of Abra Pampa, Los Manseros Del Tulum, creation of the San Juan poet Buenaventura Luna, and the trio The Mandingas.

As a composer he will be remembered for a long time since he was the creator of songs like the one mentioned and other famous titles such as: “Love of the apple groves”, “This is the Pampa Seca”, “Creole horse” (with Roberto Lambertucci), “Argentinian Chasque”, “From Nosedonde” (with Omar Moreno), “Tenths of a stove”, “In the house of Zupay” (with Pablo Raúl Trullenque), “The one that makes me cry” (with Odilio González), “La chinita San Lorenzo” Y “Zamba of freedom“, among other.

(Source: Télam)

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