Ed Motta creates controversy by saying that beatmaker is not a musician

Ed Motta collects controversial phrases with his lines.

And Motta put his mouth on the trombone, caused controversy and did not mince words on his Instagram this Wednesday afternoon. The renowned musician, not only here in Brazil, but around the world gave a very controversial opinion about the world of music. The interpreter of “Manuel” and “Arlequina” stated that beatmaker not a musician.

“Beats… Mashup… these antics. That’s why I don’t have a child! Imagine if I have a child, then my son says: ‘Dad, I’m not a musician, I do mashups, I do beats’. I say: ‘Son, I’m going to kill myself in front of you! You’re not going to kill me, like the girl in the movie. I’ll kill myself in front of you…’. You come with this MPC 60 on me, I throw myself out of the window because it will be the biggest shame of my life”, fired the musician.


This isn’t the first time he’s sparked controversy with his opinions. And Motta has already caused friction by sharing his international concert schedule on facebook. The singer asked that the Brazilian audience attending the show not speak Portuguese or ask for Brazilian songs from his repertoire like ‘Manuel’. The post continued and Ed said that his international audience is more cultured and informed than the Brazilian and he even tuned national artists who sing axé and pagode.

“As I’ve been warning here for the past three years, I’m grateful and honored to be honored by the Brazilian community, but it’s important to emphasize, there are no Portuguese songs in the repertoire, I don’t speak Portuguese at the show. I need to communicate in a way that everyone understands, English is the universal language, so for God’s sake, don’t come with a group of ‘Brasuca’ yelling ‘Manuel’ because you don’t have it, let alone shout ‘Speak Portuguese Ed’. The whole world speaks English, it’s not possible that Brazilian immigrants don’t know basic English.”, he said at the time.

Check out the outburst below:

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