Economic Package for 2022 shows no ‘surprises’: Secretary of the Economy in Coahuila

Jaime Guerra Pérez, Secretary of Economy in the government of Coahuila, said that since the current federal government entered, it withdrew all support for the business sector, so that the economic package for 2022 does not show any “surprise” in terms of cuts and lack of investment in infrastructure to attract employment.

“It has nothing, everything is clippings, no infrastructure, no business support, it has nothingIn that sense, we do not see support for promotion or attraction of investment either, they are cutting budgets everywhere, they continue to support projects only in the south, in the north we do not see support for infrastructure projects, which is important for attracting investment, “he said.

He recalled that it has been three years since the federal administration of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in which the increase in social programs and the reduction in issues that could boost employment in the country have been maintainedTherefore, the state of Coahuila did not have positive expectations in terms of the budget for next year.

“I know that it is being discussed, it is being analyzed, we will have to wait for senators and deputies to make some adjustmentsHelp us for that, “he commented,” I’m not seeing it directly, but our legislators are expected to fight for Coahuila. “

Guerra Pérez said that the states of the Federalist Alliance maintain coordination for the promotion of entities, which is no longer done at the federal level due to the disappearance of ProMéxico.

“We continue working, we have the promotion of the states and we are working on this, but also through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, promotion is still done by each state, we do not depend on the federal governmentBut it is important to have support, that is the fundamental thing to attract investment, it is done through the Foreign Ministry in the Embassies, “said the Secretary of Economy.

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