Easy hairstyles: achieve permanent straightening with home remedies

One of the easier hairstyles That exists is undoubtedly the straightening because it allows you to look great without much effort, just brush your hair and that’s it, although you can still add a beautiful and elegant accessory to give a sophisticated touch to the final finish.

However, although we can say that straightening is one of the easy hairstyles that we love, its realization requires a technique to straighten the hair quickly, in addition, to wear straight hair you need the application of heat in most cases and that can mistreat your hair.

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Luckily there are treatments that allow you to have straightened hair in a more natural way, which will help you to wear this hairstyle without investing a lot of money and taking care of your mane so that it always looks amazing, even if you only put a small brooch.

Natural remedies to straighten hair

One of the easy ways to straighten your hair is by using a oil blendSpecifically, you need four tablespoons of olive oil and another four of coconut oil, which you must place in a clean container and then put them to heat in the microwave but without boiling.

Once the mixture is hot, you must apply it on dry hair, from half to ends and once everything is covered, you must put a shower cap to keep the heat, leave it for 30 minutes and when time passes you remove the mixture, first with lukewarm water and then you wash it with shampoo, as usual.

Easy hairstyles: achieve permanent straightening with home remedies PHOTO: FREEPIK

Celery water

Another simple way to achieve a straightening and a simple hairstyle, is through a celery stick smoothie, for which you need to grind a celery stick with half a pour of water, then you must strain the mixture and put it in the refrigerator for 24 hours, later you must wet the hair with the mixture and leave it on the mane for 15 minutes.

To remove the celery, you just have to rinse it with warm water and then you can wash it in a normal way, this mixture can be used daily and the results will be visible in a short time, so that dreamy straightening will not expect much and less those beautiful hairstyles that you already have in mind.

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Coconut mask

Another of the home remedies that can help you straighten the hair is with a coconut mask for which you need a cup of coconut oil, the juice of a lemon, two tablespoons of oil and three tablespoons of cornstarch, mix all correctly in a clean container and when it is ready reserves.

Easy hairstyles: achieve permanent straightening with home remedies

Easy hairstyles: achieve permanent straightening with home remedies PHOTO: FREEPIK

Now, place the mixture on your hair from half to ends and when you have wet all the strands of hair, cover the hair with a hat, in addition, you must place a hot towel on top and leave it on the mane for about two hours and at Finally take a shower as you normally do, that will make your hair strands straighten.

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