Earth is going to have its own rings, and it’s our fault

If there is one subject that we hear a lot about at the moment, it is that of space tourism. More and more private companies are deciding to enter this fruitful market with a promising future. But there, constantly send new objects to orbit the Earth can have its consequences, as we will try to show you in this article.

Not very natural rings

What makes Saturn different from planet Earth? Many things you will tell me … But one of them is clearly more visible than the others, it is rings of matter that surround its crust. According to Professor Jake Abbott of the University of Utah, this glaring difference at first glance may soon disappear over time.

According to the researcher, Earth may soon have its own rings and look like Saturn with a few differences. If the majority of space waste generated by our comings and goings in space ends up falling back into the atmosphere, a lot of it remain in suspension around the Earth.

As you can imagine, the accumulation of this waste will inevitably end up transform the surroundings of the Earth into a veritable dumping ground, to the point of even succeeding in giving birth to rings. Nothing glorious about it. These would be fully constituted of space debris.

Save the Earth

The figures communicated by the European Space Agency are alarming. Earth would see something hovering in its orbit 170 million space debris exceeding a millimeter. Obviously, this number is bound to increase dramatically in the future as the projects commissioned by companies like Space X to name just one.

What then to do to preserve our beautiful planet from these ugly rings? In an article published in the newspaper Nature, the scientist Jake Abbott explains to have possibly found the solution. Using a magnet and a mechanical arm, it would be possible to slow down and control space waste.

Now all that remains is to build the project. Remember that space debris is a very real threat. Beyond the unsightly side that these rings of waste could come to bring to the Earth, their presence could lead to drastically increase the risk of collisions during space travel. If this subject interested you, discover a new article in which the United States decides to play Armageddon by launching this kamikaze probe.

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