each of the reggaeton artists who inspired the protagonists

After its legacy to Netflix, the second season of ” Queen of flow“Positioned in the Top 10 most popular productions on the streaming platform. One of the factors that influence the success of the Colombian telenovela, besides its history and its protagonists, is urban music.

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Caracol Televisión’s melodrama follows the lives of Yeimi Montoya (Carolina Ramirez), Charly Cruz (Carlos Torres) and other Colombian reggaeton artists seeking to succeed in a highly competitive music industry. Therefore, the actors were inspired by well-known reggaeton artists.

From Maluma, J Balvin and many other exhibitors. Some artists have even appeared in ” Queen of flow”Like Sebastián Yatra and Karol G.

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In an interview with El Espectador, Caroline Ramirez He said he first noticed JLo although he was also inspired by Ivy Queen. “The first thing I did to start building Yeimi Montoya”,Queen of flow‘, was to establish real references and some very clear ones appeared in front of me. The first to emerge was Jennifer Lopez, and as soon as I saw her I knew that was the style I wanted to give to the character ”.

“Although I later investigated the wonderful behaviors of Queen of ivy“Added the Colombian actress recognized for her role as protagonist of the telenovela” La hija del mariachi “and for having played the heroine Policarpa Salavarrieta in the series” La Pola “.

Ivy Queen is one of the artists who inspired Yeimy Montoya’s creation of “La reina del flow” (Photo: Robyn Beck / AFP)


The character of Carlos Torres He is influenced by several famous reggaeton artists. “In my personal case, I had a lot of references. Let’s say that during the filming I lived aware of everything that was happening with most of the artists of the urban genre, especially Colombians like J. Balvin, Maluma, Floor 21 and ReykonHe said during a conversation with Kienyke.

Although he also specified that his inspiration is only his way of dressing, of walking, of expressing himself, since Charly “goes through situations that none of them have, I am sure, crossed and, if they did, I did not find out, ”explained the 33-year-old actor known for having participated in“ Bad girls ”,“ Poor Rico ”,“ Emergency rooms ” , “Francisco the mathematician” and “Love and live”.

Colombian singer Maluma, who in this photo attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, was the
Colombian singer Maluma, who in this photo attends the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards, was one of the artists who inspired Charly’s creation in “La reina del flow” (Photo: Angela Weiss / AFP)

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