EA Sports FC could be the new name of the FIFA series

Konami may not be the only one to update its football franchise

On October 7, Cam Weber, executive vice president of Electronic Arts, announced that the company intends to review its contract with the powerful FIFA and his series of football games. Now we have the possible name of the future football franchise of SHE, a creative (and expected) nothingness EA Sports FC.

The name is under analysis by the patent bodies of the United Kingdom and yes European Union. The records were applied even before the announcement of Weber the press. As we published in the first article on the subject, the license agreement with the FIFA ends in 2023, making the game FIFA 23 the last game under the name of the highest football federation. However, this will in no way interfere with the names of existing teams, leagues, players and stadiums, as these are not related to the partnership between Electronic Arts e FIFA. Even some of these teams are “slightly burned” with the FIFA and UEFA after trying to assemble your own league.

In the first image, application for registration of the EA Sports FC trademark in the United Kingdom, in the second, in the European Union. Source: Reproduction

EA Sports aims to improve the football fan experience

In the press release sent to the press last week, Cam Weber he said:

– Continues after advertising –

We’re here to create the best experiences for football fans everywhere… As we look to the future, we’re also exploring the idea of ​​renaming our global EA Sports football games. This means that we are reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is separate from all our other official partnerships and licenses throughout the football world.

As it already has the rights to the main football competitions on the planet, such as the Champions League, Europa League, Libertadores and major national championships, dismiss the name FIFA of the football franchise should not impact the game’s advertising. In addition, the SHE it already has its name consolidated with fans of the franchise and most likely nobody cares whether or not it has the name of a “controversial” (not to mention problematic) Federation.

The big question about the future of EA football franchise is whether the company will follow in its rival’s footsteps Konami, turning the game into a “free-to-play”, charging for additional game modes and DLCs.


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