Dying Light 2 unveils co-op mode and compares old-gen and next-gen versions

Techland had given us an appointment for the last episode of his series Dying 2 Know, which aims to teach us more about different aspects of Dying Light 2. A few days before its release, the Polish studio has therefore chosen to show us, finally, cooperative mode, which will be back. Thus, the survival game can be played for up to four players and each progression will be saved if one of the players wants to resume his solo game (character progression, items found, etc.).

Even more interesting, the system of choice will also be present and when an important decision is requested, all four players will have the opportunity to cast a vote, although the host of the game remains in control of the final decision. The entire game can be done in cooperation, if you wish.

At the same time, and as expected by a large part of the community, a comparison between the PS4 / Xbox One and PS5 / Xbox Series version of Dying Light 2 was also shown. Although more fluid and dynamic on next-gen, the result is still very good, according to the images, on the older generation of consoles. You can see it for yourself in the video below (from the sixth minute on). We should normally have more gameplay footage on PS4 / Xbox One before the title releases.

A final gameplay sequence has been unveiled, called “The Reason”, in which we learn a little more about the past of Aiden, the protagonist, and his missing sister, Mia. The characters that we will have the opportunity to meet (humans as undead) are also reviewed.

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