Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recounted details of his terrible and violent fight with Vin Diesel

When it comes to analyzing films and sagas that have managed to maintain themselves over time and become legends of world cinema, Fast and Furious ranks as one of the public’s favorites. And it is that with nine installments, action films became a myth that lasted for more than two decades on the big screen.

However, the relationship of the actors on the set left much to be desired, and after filming the eighth film, Vin Diesel and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson They made public their fight and their confrontation that led them to exchange very harsh words face to face.

It all started with differences of opinion about the work methodology, a struggle of egos, an uncomfortable moment that almost ended with physical violence and an Instagram post that unleashed a wave of criticism and increased tension within the studios.

In your social network, The rock He decided to publish a video where he spoke wonders of his co-workers, but when it came to commenting on his male colleagues, he fired a very harsh comment that everyone thought was directed at Diesel: “My male companions are another story. Some show themselves to be true professionals, while others do not. With those who are not, there is not much you can do. They are nothing more than shit chickens … and sweet idiots.”

However, minutes later he decided to delete it, and in recent days he spoke about the matter again in an interview with the magazine Fanity Fair, where he clarified that he “regretted” having shared that clip within the virtual world, since that “was not his essence.” Also, when talking about his relationship with the actor, Johnson was forceful: “We are two philosophically different people.”

On the other hand, and according to those close to him, one of the biggest annoyances of Dwayne It came from the hand of Vin’s unpunctuality for the recording days, to the extent that he asked to record separately so as not to have to cross it, much less have a conversation with him.

Also, when it comes to going into details about the famous fight, Johnson He confessed that “it was not peaceful at all”: “I would call it a meeting of clarity. He and I had a good chat and outside of that it was very clear that we are two separate ends of the spectrum. We leave it there ”.

And when explaining why he considers that he does not share the same work philosophy as his colleague, he sincerely revealed: “It’s about how you go to work every day, looking at everyone as equal partners. To treat them with respect and humility. To be respectful with the process and all the people who are putting a lot of time and dedication ”.

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