Dwayne Johnson gives this $ 100,000 gift to a fan (video)

Available for three weeks on Netflix, Red Notice is a phenomenal success in terms of audiences, and could become one of the biggest films produced by the platform. If the reviews are more mixed, there is no doubt that the cast plays a large part on the public’s interest in the feature film. We thus find Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) and the inescapable Dwayne Johnson (Skyscraper, Jumanji…). It is not known if the latter was inspired by the salary earned from the film, but he was in any case particularly generous towards a fan.

The beautiful gesture of Dwayne Johnson

Yesterday, Dwayne Johnson posted a five-minute video with a short text on his Instagram page. In it, we can see the former WWE star simply gifting his personal pickup to a member of the public, Oscar, came to see a broadcast of Red Notice in an American cinema.

Obviously, this decision to offer such a gift to a fan was not made on a whim. He thus explains that he wanted to please someone deserving it, as a reward.

I gathered as much information as I could about everyone in the audience and ultimately, Oscar’s story blew me away. Dwayne Johnson

A fan who leaves with a car over $ 100,000

Initially came with the simple prospect of discovering Red Notice, this Oscar obviously did not expect this exceptional gift from the candidate for the position of 007. And for good reason, the Ford F 150 offered by Dwayne Johnson is worth over $ 120,000 on the market! A good proof of generosity on the part of the actor, who had also previously been rebuffed by another manufacturer.

My original idea was to offer the Porsche that I drive during the film, Red Notice. So we contacted Porsche but they said no. So I said “yes, I’ll do even better”. Dwayne Johnson

And it is well deserved, for a former NAVY who helps women victims of domestic violence and who runs a church in his town.

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